About Afrinvest Asset Management Limited

Afrinvest Asset Management Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Afrinvest West Africa, it is a leading independent investment manager in Nigeria.

Using dedicated portfolios, AAML delivers world class asset management services to high net-worth, institutional and retail clients. AAML has over 18 years’ experience managing various client’s funds/assets through three sub-divisions;

  • Portfolio/Fund Management;
  • Fund Administration;
  • Product Development; and

Through a diversified multi asset class approach, AAML specializes in constructing investment portfolios in accordance with pre-agreed risk reward criteria. This guides the product development process, with products structured along 4 key focus areas;

  • Individual Managed Accounts;
  • Real Estate
  • Mutual Funds; and
  • Investment Advisory

AAML was incorporated on the 23rd of November 2006. The wide variety of options ensures that each investor will find an investment fund that would best suit his investment goals and objectives.

All AAML funds are well balanced, highly liquid and are flexible enough to allow easy migration between funds. All the asset managed by AAML are held by a third party Custodian as an added layer of security against risks to the investor.

The principles of diversification and liquidity drive the funds’ investment strategies. To achieve client’s objectives, the investment philosophy is oriented towards implementing customized, research-led asset management strategies focused on a long time horizon.

AAML aspires to be the leading asset management firm in Nigeria by consistently achieving and exceeding our clients’ investment objectives by ensuring that it has the following in place:

  • Relevant Products
  • Efficient Processes
  • Skilled Professionals
  • Excellent Customer Service

While the performance of the stock market in 2014 seems to suggest that investor perception may be improving, we would however need to test the validity of reported performance numbers prior to making any investment calls The markets continue to be subject to regulatory interference (notably, the continued imposition of a trading band/circuit breakers), thereby limiting the effectiveness of advanced technical analysis.

Considering that technical analysis remains a valid component of our decision making process, required to ensure long term returns, we utilize a proprietary factor model which identifies securities by ranking them based on a number of key factors. These include fundamentals, technical performance as well as other qualitative factors such as management pedigree and government policy.

Management Team

Our Executive Management Team consists of Individuals who are behind the everyday running and decision-making decisions at Afrinvest Asset Management Limited.