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Individual Managed Portfolio Accounts
We are able to customize each portfolio to include/ exclude any particular sector or company the client may request while meeting the consequent loss in potential returns of the portfolio…

Afrinvest Equity Fund (AEF)
AEF is a mutual fund which invests in shares of companies listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange with sound fundamentals and strong track record of above average financial performance in addition…

Nigeria International Debt Fund (NIDF)
The Nigeria International Debt Fund is a distinct investment product, originally created as a closed-ended fund in 1997 and was restructured in 2010 to an open-ended fund…

Nigerian economic and financial market 2015 review and 2016 outlook "Darkest Before Dawn"


The 2015 economic and financial market review and 2016 outlook report titled “Darkest Before Dawn” reviews the domestic socio-political and macroeconomic environment as well as current financial market trends.


The report also proposes a number of investment strategies suitable for riding out the current challenging investment climate.


To get a copy of the report, please click the button below.

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